2020 STC Summer Update

A message from our Start The Cycle Executive Director:

Hello, This is Laura MacDonald, Executive Director of Start The Cycle bike group. For those of you know me already, welcome back and for our 16 new team members, welcome to our “family”.  

Interviews for the 2020 team are completed.  We got to “see” each of the team members on ZOOM meeting and they got to know us a bit as well. This is the first step we usually complete in March. With indoor group training not being possible, we have started a new Facebook Page called “Start the Cycle Team Members”. It is a private group where you can now find all of the information pertaining directly to the team.  A Start The Cycle YouTube channel has also been added and our indoor training will be held virtually by video there and shared with the team Facebook page. A few videos have already been added in a series called “Meet The Mentors” along with a few lessons in first aid by Doug and Megan.  It is quite entertaining! Coach Connor will be adding exercises on this channel as well, so make sure to subscribe!

As the dates for Stay Safe Stay Home are likely to get extended, and the school year is done, we have put a plan in place that can be executed very quickly as soon as we are allowed to gather again!  

Quickstop bike shop has checked the inventory for the bikes and gear, and are on standby to order. 

Our practice jersey printers are ready when we say go!

We have a plan approved for practicing 2 times a week if we get held up too long.

The Ore To Shore bike race director has informed us that the race is still going to be held.

And as long as the Executive Order allows us to gather before July 1st, 2020, we will have a Start The Cycle 2020 season.

I want to thank our Board of Directors who have been working and adapting as the 2020 season changes. During the #Stay Home, Stay Safe COVID-19 executive order from the Governor, we have been meeting virtually through ZOOM.  This is a new platform for us. The dedication of the Board Members is beyond the call of duty. Together, we now have created a series of plans for the best possible outcomes for 2020.

That completes my Executive Director report… so now I want to talk to you as Laura, the Start The Cycle Mom.

We started out this quarantine as a sprint.  It felt like we had to hurry up and DO something.  But we are now moving into a marathon. We are going to be apart for a while longer.  All of us are experiencing similar feelings. And there are so many of them! I have identified grief, and loneliness and I miss you guys. Believe me, if I would have known Polar Roll was my last chance to be with you, I would have hugged each of you a lot longer!  

I listened to a podcast by my favorite author, Elizabeth Gilbert, and I want to share some of her wisdom with you.  

First of all, we humans, as a species, are very good at adapting.  Have faith that we will adapt and change as a group, as we need to.  Only a very small percentage will get sick and suffer physically from this virus. But almost 100% of us are being affected emotionally.  We are all worrying on some level about school, work, finances, our neighbors and relatives.

Please take this time to slow down, be kinder to yourself and to others. Try to think of this as more of a retreat than an order. Nap, play and enjoy being together if you can. 

There will always be a Start The Cycle.  No, it will not be the same this year as last, but Start The Cycle throughout the 8 years has always changed as it needed to. We are committed to adapting. Please take good care of yourselves and each other!

Stay Home, Stay Safe I’ll be counting the days until we can all be together again!

Much Love,