Ore to Shore Week


Thursday, August 8th – No Practice

Friday, August 9, 2019 –  Mentors, team members, volunteers, and parents: meet at the Start The Cycle trailer in the Lakeview Arena parking lot at 4:30 pm. We will be eating together, as a team, at the Lions Club Spaghetti Dinner in the Lakeview Arena starting at 4:45.  Please invite your family members/guardians to join us for spaghetti, compliments of Start The Cycle! After dinner, we will be heading over to the registration tables to receive our race packets. Once you are given your packets, we will return to the Start The Cycle trailer to do the last maintenance check on our bikes, (air, brakes, chains) put our race numbers on our bikes, double-check our hydration packs for gear and load them to be taken to the start line on Saturday. You will then be awarded your 2019 Start The Cycle Race Jerseys!  A group picture will be taken at this time.

Saturday, August 10th, 2019 – 

10 Mile Racers7:15 a.m. Meet at Lakeview Arena. Mentors will be there to  assist you in getting your bikes out and ready at the Start Line! Please remember to eat a good breakfast with a protein base (eggs, meats, cheeses) 8:00 RACE STARTS!

28 Mile Racers8:00 a.m. Meet in Negaunee at the Lakeview School parking lot.  Your bike and hydration packs with helmets will be transported for you.  Please remember to eat a good breakfast with a protein base (eggs, meats, cheeses)  The Start The Cycle trailer will be parked at the top of the parking lot near the houses.  8:158:30 we will be seeding our bikes at the START LINE – 9:00 RACE STARTS! 

48 Mile Racers– You are responsible to get yourself, your bike and all gear to Downtown Negaunee (Iron and Silver St).  Seed yourself appropriately – 10:00 am RACE STARTS!

AWARDS CEREMONY– Our tent and trailer will be at the Finish Line. We will have a meal together starting at 1:30 pm and at 2:00 pm our Awards Ceremony will start.  All team members and mentor should be present. Your family/guardians and all of our sponsors are invited to celebrate with us! We will have food and refreshments and you FINALLY get to take your bikes and equipment HOME!!!!  Please arrange to transport your bike and equipment from the ceremony

Remember: We are the Official Ore To Shore Ambassadors…Smile, make sure to follow trail etiquette, encourage other racers, offer help where needed, and HAVE FUN!