Building Community Through Biking


Start The Cycle is dedicated to building confidence and self esteem in local at risk youth.

Start The Cycle is dedicated to building confidence and self-esteem in at-risk youth. Our team members and mentors meet weekly in the summer and winter to practice mountain and snow biking skills on the local trail networks in the Marquette area. They learn basic bike maintenance, trail etiquette, and first aid. The participants are supported by volunteers, donors, mentors and role models from the community as they progress throughout the program. Start the Cycle is a non-profit program that is made possible by generous sponsors and donations.

Building Relationships

Working together as a team and with mentors helps to establish goals, expand social skills and build trust.  

Healthy Habits

Getting outdoors, promoting physical activity, providing emotional support and building a community. Biking is healthy in many ways!  

Achieving Goals

All participants work together to achieve the common goal of competing in the Ore┬áto Shore Moutain Bike Epic and/or the Polar Roll Fat Bike Race.